9. E. Latimer Vorplace III, Managing Partner

Library #09
Known to his friends and associates as “Laddie,” E. Latimer Vorplace III has always been a “very good” boy. As a child, he kept his room neat and clean, always shared his toys, was a good student, and was uncommonly good at pleasing his elders. As he grew into adulthood, he got into a “good” college, got “good” – if not exemplary – grades, went on to law school, married a “very nice” woman with whom he has two daughters. If they are a bit more mischievous than he was as a child, he is exceedingly patient with his girls. Laddie’s law firm made him managing partner because he is known for being even-handed, careful, and detail oriented, if a bit standoff-ish. A bit chilly, they say. He’s that way with everyone. Standoff-ish. And that includes Gloria, his wife. He doesn’t know it but, while he is at work and the kids are in school, Gloria has been having crying spells. It has been happening over the past year or so. She doesn’t know why and is a bit ashamed about it. As she only just admitted to herself and, last week, to a close friend, she and Laddie have not done “you-know-what” (her words) since she and Laddie found out that she was pregnant with their second child. That was seven years ago.

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