8. Lydia Degado, Software Engineer

Library #08
Lydia is a genius when it comes to software. She got early admission to Berkeley, did her undergraduate in three years, and went on the MIT for her Ph.D. and post-doctoral work. After that, she made a small fortune as a free-lancer. The trouble is that she is also an idiot when it comes to working in a company environment. It’s not that people don’t like her. Or that she doesn’t like them. She is generally considered “super smart” to work with. The trouble is that she is wildly unpredictable. She shows up when she wants, sometimes not for days, falls in love with all the wrong people in the most inappropriate settings, and throws a rage when her feelings aren’t reciprocated. Or gets all weepy and sad. And she forgets to bathe for days. Or Change her clothes. And things are getting worse. She is thinking about using her programming talents to “…fix them all.”

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