10. Lolly Langworth, Editor-in-Chief

Library #10
Lolly has always been a stand-out. Ever since kindergarten it seems. She always insisted on selecting her own outfits, even as a five-year-old. She made her parents and brothers crazy as she went through “phases” ranging from grunge in the fourth grade to semi-pornographic in junior high. But it always was clear – she is smart-as-a-whip. Her grades and test scores were always exemplary and her performance, both on an academic and social level, at one of the best colleges in the country were remarkable. After college she dropped out for a bit, traveled in Europe and in India. Had a few flings. And an abortion or two. Came home. Picked up an MBA. And went to work at a leading fashion magazine where she quickly rose to run the place. She’s been there for 10 years now. And just when everyone thought that she would never settle into domestic life, she married a moderately successful fiction writer, 12 years her senior, who is not at all like her. A college drop-out whose often-disheveled appearance, lack of social skills, and modest financial success are in direct contrast to Lolly’s style, quick wit, charm and business success. More than one person sizing the two up has asked, “What’s that about?” But Lolly is pregnant and – doing something that she has never done before – she giggles a lot.

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