7. Nadine Sogman, Personal Trainer

Library #02
With Nadine, it seems as though what you see is what you get. Her clientele are almost all women and almost all over 45. She visits them at their home, bringing her equipment with her. She puts them through their paces, helps them with various aches and pains, gives them encouragement, and, now and then, a bit of advice. She had wanted to be a social worker but never did very well with formal, classroom education. And it did not help that she married very young and had four children by the time she was 20. About five years ago, she got divorced. She still loves her husband and sees him regularly. But it was a sex thing. Almost simultaneously, they both realized they are gay. As she put it the other day, “He likes boys and I like girls. So, what are you going to do?” These days they both have partners and all of them get along and have dinner together at least once a month. She is pretty open about all this with her relatives and close friends but knows that some of her best customers would be uneasy with it. So, she is circumspect about her personal life, even though she suspects one or two of them know.

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