6. Ronald “Ronny” Johns, Area Sales Director

Library #06
Ronny likes to think that he’s a nice guy, a people person. But he really isn’t. He talks about “his turf” and guards it like a shark. He figures that if he looks the other way, someone’s going to take it all away from him. So, he works 10 hours a day and sometimes a lot more, keeps everything to himself, and, if one of his sales people seems to show some ability, he finds a reason to fire them. There’s only exception. That’s Fiona who he thinks of as “my something on the side.” No one is supposed to know but everyone does. And his wife is definitely wise to him. She’s got a big house in a brand-new development, a Mercedes convertible (fuchsia), plenty of evidence and money for the divorce lawyer she’s selected, and plans “to ruin the stupid bastard.” But, in the meantime, she’s content to spend time doing yoga and relaxing at the tanning salon.

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