4. Norm Finster, Assistant Buyer on vacation

4.Norm Finster, Assistant Buyer on vacation
Norm has always been a nervous person. He worries that, somehow, he just doesn’t measure up. He is bright enough, although no genius. And he is conscientious at work and at home. He has a good job. He has a wife who loves and appreciates him and a happy and healthy two-year-old daughter. On the surface, everything is great. The trouble is that he feels trapped and failing. His father owns the business. So, Norm’s job is secure. But he senses that, no matter how hard he works, people will never think much of him. He once overheard someone say: “The old man is smart but the kid just ain’t got it.” While he’s been on vacation, he’s thought about leaving and taking a job with another company. And the truth is, he dreads going back to work. It’s ruining his vacation and has his wife wondering.

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