3. Rita “The Rapper” Genato, Department Store Sales Clerk

Libra3.Rita “The Rapper” Genato, Department Store Sales Clerkry #03
After two and a half semesters at a local college, Rita dropped out and took a job selling children’s clothing for a national chain store. She left school because she felt it was unfair to pay tuition if she were unsure about why she was there. She is a hard worker and good at sales. She’s been told that, if she sticks with it, she could move up to management in her company. And she loves to dance; “It’s techno-rap or nothing.” Her parents are not pleased with her leaving school. She tells them not to worry, that this is just until she figures out her career plans, But she is terrified that they will find out about what is going on in her personal life. “They would be so ashamed.”

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